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Elevate Your Event With A 360 Photo Booth Rental

Our Digital Booth is minimalistic but we guarantee it will be a life of every party. The digital GIF booth is your perfect choice if your venue is restricted on space, if you are throwing a brand activation or if you are a social media activist. This booth has ability to take still images, GIF’s and Boomerangs and is the perfect for social media sharing as well as marketing. As a cool add-on this booth can be wrapped with custom branding, it has capability of gathering emails and phone numbers and providing with valuable analytics on the performance of the activation. This booth is so versatile, it would be perfect for any type of event.

How A 360 Photo Booth Works Works

Guests step onto the 360 Photo Booth platform and are greeted by Inception Photo Booth’s attendants. A dual-arm adapter holds a camera up with a ring light attached to get the perfect glow as the camera spins we capture every angle in stunning, seamless glory. Your guests become the stars of a breathtaking visual narrative, with memories etched in cinematic-quality footage. Once the revolutions are done, your guests will be able to share their 360 videos via text or email instantly.

Photo Booth Rental Packages Of All Kinds

Minimum 2 hour rental.

360 videos

Unlimited Sessions

Test or Email videos

Social Media Sharing

User friendly and perfect for small venues

Custom branded template

4-5 people per video

Pros upon request

Data Capture & Analytics Optional

Unmatched Photo Booth Quality

Our state-of-the-art 360 photo booth captures crisp, clear memories, ensuring each frame pulses with vibrant life and energy. Precision and attention to detail are at the forefront of our 5-star service offering. We harness cutting-edge technology and robust construction to guarantee a flawless experience. From smooth rotation mechanics to brilliant lighting, every aspect is engineered for 

Our design experts are adept at marrying aesthetics with experience, ensuring each photo captures the essence of your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A 360 Photo Booth?2024-04-24T16:20:50+00:00

A 360 photo booth is a revolution in event entertainment and memories. Most 360 booths consists of a platform, surrounded by a camera that orbits you along with lighting that goes around the platform to ensure your are highlighted. While on the platform, you unleash a burst of energy as the lens captures your motion from all angles, freezing every smile, jump, and dance move in a 360-degree showcase of your joy. Effortlessly, you become the star of your own high-definition, cinematic keepsake.

How much does it cost to rent a 360 photo booth?2024-04-24T16:22:36+00:00

Determining the cost of renting a 360 photo booth hinges upon various factors. These can include the duration of the even, event type, and geographical location, which all converge to define the pricing structure. At Inception Photo Booth, we provide a quotes that caters to the specific needs of your event, but on average a 360 booth will go for 450-500 dollars per hour. Our mission is to deliver excellence through a personalized experience, ensuring value with our 5 star service.

How many people can stand on the platform?2024-04-24T16:23:05+00:00

When considering Inception Photo Booth’s 360 photo booth experiences, guest capacity is a crucial factor. Our state-of-the-art platforms are engineered to accommodate multiple guests simultaneously, ensuring no one misses out on the fun. 

The structural integrity of our platforms allows for a generous number of individuals to share the experience. However, to maintain safety and optimal performance, we recommend a maximum of four-five people on the platform at one time, creating a comfortable space for dynamic, memorable captures.

It is essential to assess the available space and align your expectations with the dimensions of our 360 photo booth setup. With thoughtful planning, you can seamlessly integrate this immersive experience into your event’s flow without obstructing the movement or enjoyment of your guests.

How do my guests get their images?2024-04-24T16:23:43+00:00

Moments after stepping off the platform, your guests can relish in reliving their 360-degree exploits. Our state-of-the-art 360 photo booth rental facilitates swift, seamless transfers, ensuring images are in their hands without undue delay. Guests will be able to send themselves the photos via text or email through the app and or sharing station.

Can I Brand The 360 Photo Booth Video?2024-04-24T16:24:03+00:00

Maximize your event exposure with tailor-made branding integrations that resonate with your guests, turning shared moments into viral marketing tools. We help craft a cohesive brand image that will reverberate through social media channels. Embed your logo, hashtag, or message into the immersive 360 visual experience, solidifying brand presence with every share.

Our 360 Photo Booth rental is the pinnacle of experiential marketing, allowing for the capture of branded content that guests will share, extending your event’s reach exponentially. Leverage the innate shareability of the 360 Photo Booth to multiply your brand’s visibility, transforming every participant into a conduit for your message.

What Is The Booking Process?2024-04-24T16:24:51+00:00

When you opt for Inception Photo Booth’s stellar 360 Photo Booth rental, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to simplifying your event planning. Our seamless, intuitive booking process eliminates any guesswork, providing clear guidelines, upfront costs, and timely confirmation, so you can focus on the more important aspects of your event.

Experience peace of mind with our hands-on support throughout the booking stages. Trust us to handle the intricacies of your photo booth experience with the utmost professionalism, allowing you to anticipate your event with excitement rather than stress.

Are 360 photo booths worth it?2024-04-24T16:25:18+00:00

The allure of a 360 photo booth is undeniable, elevating ordinary event photography to a wholly immersive experience. This modern marvel allows guests to be the center of a multi-angle spectacle, ensuring no moment is left uncaptured.

When considering the value proposition, a 360 photo booth is not merely a novelty but an investment in the memories that will resonate long after your celebration ends. Its state-of-the-art technology captures not just images, but the energy and essence of your special occasion.

Businesses and private hosts alike find that these booths significantly contribute to event success, enhancing brand activation and personal festivity alike. With the seamless fusion of fun and functionality, the undeniable draw of these interactive stations often becomes the event’s highlight.

Inception Photo Booth excels in delivering an unparalleled 5-star experience, ensuring that the entertainment your guests receive is nothing short of spectacular. The magic of 360-degree captures transforms any gathering into a dynamic and shareable adventure.

End your event with a feeling of unrivaled satisfaction, confident in the decision that a 360 photo booth from Inception Photo Booth was not only worth it but essential. The joy and laughter it brings make it an irreplaceable feature.

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