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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Inception Photo Booth for your event?2019-03-11T10:37:46+00:00

Because we care about your experience and want to provide quality beyond the cost. Customer service is our number one priority and our 5 star reviews from past clients attest to that! Book with us and you will be left with 0 regrets and a bunch of memorable keepsakes you can look back for years to come.

Will there be photo booth attendants?2019-08-28T10:43:07+00:00

Inception Photo Booth provides a minimum of 1 attendant on site with our classic printing booth options. We want to ensure all guests are having interactive experience at all times and should any technical difficulties occur we want to deal with them right on the spot.

Is there an option to add additional booth time if party is going strong on the day of?2019-03-11T10:50:19+00:00

Yes! If photo booth is still busy by the end of our agreed time we’d be more than happy to keep the party going at additional $125/hour.All you have to do is ask, it’s that easy!

How long does set up take and do you offer early set up?2019-03-11T10:50:51+00:00

Our set up is fairly quick. We allocate approximately 1.5 hrs to set up. We can typically set up without disruptions to the reception/event but if early set up is required please bring it to our attention right away and based on availability we can make it happen. Please note, we only do set up on the day of the event, we would not leave our equipment overnight.

What does idle time mean?2019-03-11T10:51:13+00:00

Idle time is a period of time where we temporarily shut the booth operation for a formal event such as dinner, speeches, first dance, etc. You may choose consecutive hours of operation, but if you wanted to break booth operation down based on a specific program of your event it can be done so at additional idle hour rate.

Are you insured?2019-03-11T10:51:54+00:00

We sure are fully insured and have valid business license.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?2019-03-11T10:52:34+00:00

A non-refundable deposit in the amount of 50% of the total estimated cost of the photo booth services is due upon signing of the contract. In case of a cancellation we reserve the right to keep full deposit amount or carry over your deposit balance towards another booking valid within one year from cancellation date, based on our availability.

What space requirements and power supply needed for a booth set up?2019-03-11T10:53:46+00:00

We require 10 ft X 10 ft of space with easy access to power outlet.

How many people can fit in the booth?2019-03-11T10:54:43+00:00

Open air concept booth can fit about 10-15 people and our inflatable booth has been filled to all the walls which will hold about 18 people.

Do you do events outdoors?2019-03-11T10:55:01+00:00

We sure do! As long as there is an access to electrical outlet and overhead tent or gazebo.

Can I customize the template or how does that work?2019-03-11T10:55:43+00:00

All of our templates are custom designed to fit your taste and theme of your event. Please provide as much detail as possible so we can create the most perfect template that you’ve envisioned.

Do you guys do scrapbooks and what is included?2019-03-11T10:56:09+00:00

Scrapbook is one of the funnest add-ons we offer. We customize and create your scrapbook on location and deliver it by the end of our service. We provide with prior agreed upon scrapbook cover, sheets, stickers etc.

Do I get all the pictures taken within the photo booth?2019-03-11T10:56:45+00:00

We provide you with ALL the images from your event via shareable link.

Do you supply props and are they cleaned?2019-03-11T10:57:51+00:00

We pride in our collection of props and will carefully select the most appropriate props to fit to your event. We wash and sanitize all of our props between each event

How many copies of pictures do we get?2019-03-11T10:58:52+00:00

Our standard packages offer 2 prints per session, however upgrade to unlimited printing is also available.

Are there travel fees?2019-03-11T10:59:42+00:00

Travel fees are included in all Edmonton and area packages. Outside of Edmonton events are at $0.45/km one way and back. Please contact for personalized quote for events outside of Alberta.

Do you offer live view screen in your photo booths?2019-03-11T11:00:21+00:00

We sure do! Our booths are equipped with live view screens so you can take a peek at yourself before picture is being taken and the quick preview of your shot.

Can my guests send/share digital copies of the photos after they are taken?2019-03-11T11:00:47+00:00

Your guests are more than welcome to share digital images from the event. To top things up we offer on a spot social sharing station services where guests can send/post their images directly to their email/social media outlets.

What if I want to order additional reprints after the event. Can I do that?2019-03-11T11:01:06+00:00

We can certainly provide with additional prints. Please contact for the quote.

How soon after the event can I share my gallery?2019-03-11T11:01:30+00:00

We try sending out your gallery off as soon as possible within the next few days after your event. As soon as you receive the link from us share away!

Can I get a usb/thumb drive of my images versus the shareable link?2019-03-11T11:02:02+00:00

Upon special request prior to the date of the event we will deliver your digital gallery on USB/thumb drive at additional $25 instead of shareable link.

How/when do we pay you and what forms of payment do you accept?2019-03-11T11:02:27+00:00

Payment is accepted in: cheque; cash; credit card; and etransfer. We require 50% deposit upon booking with remaining amount paid 48 hours prior to the event.

What sizes do photo prints come in?2019-08-28T10:44:31+00:00

Prints come in 2X6 or 4X6 sizes. Upgrade to 6X8 is also an option. 6X6 is our size for the digital selfie booth.

Are set up and take down included in the package?2019-08-28T10:45:01+00:00

Yes! We offer free of charge set up and take down in Edmonton and it is not a part of your total hours of operation.

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