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Classic Printing Photo Booth


Our sleek and modern touch screen booths not only look cool, they also take amazing HD quality shots with Canon DSLR camera embedded inside. The best part is that all your guests will receive an instant print they can bring home with them. With this style booth we can re-create anything from red carpet event to any themed party you can think of.Our classic booths are always a hit at every event.

Yes, I Want $100 Off Or $100 Free Upgrade Towards A Photo Booth Service

Digital Selfie GIF Booth


Our Digital Selfie GIF Booth is filled with all things FUN. Still images, GIFs, Boomerangs, awesome digital props, beauty filters. If that didn’t sound good enough? It is budget friendly! We rent it for the duration of your ENTIRE event so your guests don’t miss out  on even one second of fun. Images can be shared through email or text message INSTANTLY! The ring light on the booth will make you feel and look like a real celebrity. It is perfect for corporate event activations, birthday parties and weddings.

Yes, I Want $100 Off Or $100 Free Upgrade Towards A Photo Booth Service

Roaming Photo Booth

Our Roaming Booth is exactly the same as our digital booth except we roam around the room and capture photos off all your guests! This is a very new and unique photo booth and is perfect for social distancing.  When your guests see the ring light all over the venue they always wonder what we are doing, and when they finally realize what it is, everyone wants in.

Yes, I Want $100 Off Or $100 Free Upgrade Towards A Photo Booth Service

Photo Booth Upgrades

Inflatable Glow Booth

Our Inflatable enclosure is a very unique feature and we are the ONLY local vendor to offer this glowing booth service. Want a giant LED lit ice cube looking enclosure at your event that will make all your guests’ jaws drop? That is what inflatable enclosure is – a true eye catcher.

GLAM Photo Booth

Keep it classy with our GLAM Booth! Want the ultimate keepsake for you and your guests, with our glam booth we add a black and white filter which makes people stand out and can be appreciated for generations.


If your looking to take home a memory from the night from the photo booth, the scrapbook is the best choice. We ensure each picture is placed in a scrapbook and get all your guests to write a custom message. We also bring stickers and all the supplies to make it interactive for your guests. The best part is you get to take it home on the night of the event!

Yes, I Want $100 Off Or $100 Free Upgrade Towards A Photo Booth Service

Customer Reviews

Meet Elisha

Very impressed with John and his team! By fluke, I ended up booking inception photo booth for my wedding and it was so awesome! My guests and myself were blown away by the quality of the photo booth (props, photo print outs, background, google drive with photos shared etc.) and I loved the price! This is not your average photo booth, it is above and beyond! Highly recommend!

Meet Amber

We just had John and partner at our wedding a week ago. We have heard nothing but amazing things about them. All the guest had a blast! We also had them make the photo booth picture have our engagement photo on it so we could use it as a take home gift/ wedding favor BEST DECISION EVER. We recieve huge amount of complements on them. A huge amount of props, amazing back ground choices, and it gave us some of the most amazing perfect memories!!! By far one of the best decisions we made. Thanks John!!!!!

Meet Gretzie

Inception photo booth was the perfect touch to my business Christmas brunch. John is committed to exceeding his clients expectations, and I highly recommend his photo booth for any of your event needs. Not to mention, the picture quality is amazing. Thanks John !

Yes, I Want $100 Off Or $100 Free Upgrade Towards A Photo Booth Service


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